The BMW K1600 Grand America Outguns the Honda Gold Wing Tour

In Motorcyclist magazine’s web series “On Two Wheels,” hosts Zack and Ari give viewers a fun and detailed look at some of the best motorcycles available.

Recently, the hosts compared the BMW K1600 Grand America and the Honda Gold Wing Tour by taking them out for a long ride to Laguna. On their trip they discovered many key differences between these two touring motorcycles.

In the end, the two came to the conclusion that although the Gold Wing has a sleek appearance and offers riders with fun and comfort, the Grand America motorcycle focuses on the most important aspect of the vehicle: performance.

Comparing the BMW K1600 Grand America and the Honda Gold Wing Tour

The Honda Gold Wing Tour is a great motorcycle and has been recently updated from past models. Along with a new look and new technological features, the Honda Gold Wing has improved performance capabilities. However, even with the improvements, the Gold Wing is still not as powerful as the BMW K1600 Grand America.

The BMW K1600 Grand America has a measured horsepower of 136.6 and delivers 117 lb.-ft. of torque from its 1,649cc engine. The Gold Wing Tour has 1,833 cc engine with a measured horsepower of 97.85 – it delivers 108.4 lb.-ft of torque.

The BMW K1600 Grand America bagger bike has larger fuel tank than the Honda Gold Wing Tour, which allows you to spend more time on the road and less time at the gas station. On the hosts’ ride, the Gold Wing was short on gas many miles before the BMW K1600 Grand America, which has a 7-gallon fuel capacity. The Honda Gold Wing has a 5.55-gallon fuel capacity.

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