The BMW G310R Earns a Spot on’s Top Motorcycles Under $5,000 List

If you’ve spent your time dreaming about owning a new motorcycle but thought you couldn’t afford one, the BMW G310R is about to change your mind. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for a budget transportation option, you’ll be thrilled to know that’s best bikes under $5,000 includes the BMW G310R. What makes this one of the best motorcycles under $5,000? Let’s take a look.

Check out this Fun Roadster

This bike is powered by a spunky 313cc single-cylinder engine and even comes with Brembo® brakes and an inverted fork usually reserved for larger bikes. The G310R is ideal for anyone who loves riding and wants to zoom through the busy cities with ease. It’s lightweight, yet it doesn’t lack for power. The fact that the BMW logo sits on the tank just reminds you that it’s made of the highest-quality materials and built to last.

What makes this stand out from other motorcycles is the sporty, powerful headlight and dynamic fuel tank trim. You’ll notice heads turning while you’re on the street. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind with the wide tires that grip the road allowing you to experience full confidence while riding.

If you feel like you could invest a little bit more, you may even consider upgrading to the G310GS.

Hit the Open Road

You deserve to experience the thrill of driving the open road in Riverside, CA, no matter what your budget is. You want to check out the entire BMW G310R inventory in Southern California to find your next bike. Just head into Southern California BMW Motorcycles the next time you are in San Diego, CA or near Los Angeles, CA and we will get you on a new bike fast. The best part is that you can keep some money in your pocket even after the transaction is over.