Check Out the Stunning 2018 BMW R NineT Urban G/S

2018 BMW R nineT Urban GS

If you have a love for motorcycles, your mind will be blown when you see the 2018 BMW R NineT Urban G/S. This bike was first created for the company as a birthday present and no one ever expected the success that it now has. In fact, there was so much of a demand that they had a hard time producing them fast enough. Let’s take a peek at what the newest 2018 R NineT Urban G/S offers riders.

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German Fabricator Crafts a Stripped-down R NineT “Chicken” Bike

BMW Giggerl Chicken Bike Picture

Over the years, there’s no been lack of BMW R NineT customization, but some are truly unique. While the base of it is still just the motorcycle, the postmodern sculpture and chopped-off backside make this a provocative addition from Bernhard Naumann, a German designer. The guy also known as the Tin Man created the Giggerl, which means chicken in German.

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The New 2018 BMW C400X Scooter is Available at Dealerships


If you’ve been waiting to see the newest scooter in BMW Motorrad’s lineup, you’ll be happy to hear that your wait is over! The 2018 BMW C400X is a new middleweight scooter and something that’s going to exceed your expectations. The new BMW scooters look like something out of the future, and you’ll want to see them.

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BMW Motorrad Announces New Director, a BMW Group Veteran Markus Schramm


BMW Motorrad recently announced Markus Schramm, a 28-year veteran of the BMW Group, as the company’s new director. Schramm serves on the board of directors and the Member-Supervisory Board for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG. Schramm currently manages corporate and product strategy planning. He is a motorcycle enthusiast, in addition to his impressive qualifications.

Schramm has replaced Stephan Schaller, who left the company to manage Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA in Germany. BMW Motorrad was temporarily left in the hands of Hubert Kühner, Head of Finance, before Schramm became director.

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BMW Makes a $12.3 Million Investment and Demos 3D Printed S1000RR Sport Bike

3d printed s1000rr

In the latest BMW motorcycle technology news, the BMW Group just recently invested $12.3 million into the Additive Manufacturing Campus located in Germany. This investment will mean BMW and BMW Motorrad will always be on the forefront of additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing. 3D printing, as opposed to traditional manufacturing techniques, allow for a design to essentially come straight from a computer into reality. This manufacturing technique cuts down on waste and allows for new designs not possible otherwise.

As a preview of what’s to come in terms of BMW Motorrad news, BMW Motorrad has been showing off its 3D-printed BMW S1000RR sports bike chassis. While this is not yet a markable product, the organic-looking 3D-printed frame and swingarm are weight-saving yet strong and indicative of what may be in store for the next generation of BMW motorcycles.

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Read About What Team Journalists Do During the BMW International GS Trophy Event

BMW GS trophy

Competing teams in the Int. GS Trophy event – one of motor sport’s prestigious events –each have their own “team journalist” who has the duty of chronicling the team’s adventure. Their primary role is to report on news of the event directly back home, but often they offer valuable input and mentoring roles.

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Turn Your BMW R 1200 GS into a Trophy Bike with the Rallye Package

BMW Rallye

It’s been two years and we are looking forward to the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy that challenges world-wide adventure-riding motorcyclists to conquer some of the most extreme trails in the world. This year, the International GS Trophy Rally is headed to Mongolia with a total of 18 teams looking to gain top points. Most of these riders will be on the BMW R 1200 GS Rallye motorcycle that was prepared for BMW Motorrad.

Transforming the BMW R 1200 GS

Preparing the GS for this grueling competition doesn’t require much more than some equipment available from the Motorrad Accessories catalog. The Rallye Package includes numerous features that make for a stunning, explosive machine. First, the foot brake lever is completely adjustable and is wider than ever before. This improves control of the pressure when traveling off-road.

There also is an adjustable gear lever that improves control, especially when standing. The cylinder head cover guard is stainless steel and offers some extra protection from damage. In conjunction, the stainless-steel engine protection bar offers additional shielding to the cylinders. The Enduro aluminum bash plate has been designed for use off-road and offers some extra protection to the lower segment of the bike’s engine.

The list of additions goes on and includes a new Lupine Blue color, cross-spoke wheels that are fitted with Metzeler Karoo 3 off-roading tires. There is also a new headlight guard, stainless-steel luggage grid, bag for the pillion seat and the all-important first-aid kit. All of this is made complete with the original BMW Advantec Ultimate engine oil. This oil keeps the engine of your BMW R 1200 GS running like new no matter how many thousands of miles you put on.

This Could be Your Bike

You can have your choice of BMW Motorrad motorcycles simply by heading in to see us at your local Southern California BMW Motorcycle Dealers. We have a complete BMW Motorrad inventory and we are prepared to get you on or off the road in style.