BMW R NineT Motorcycles Now Available in New ‘Option 719’ Color Schemes

The BMW R nineT is already a gorgeous line of motorcycles, with its sleek look and amazing power. Recently, BMW announced a model revision that will make this line stand out even more. The BMW R nineT line now has new Option 719 paint schemes, which add a sporty look to new BMW motorcycles.

“Option 719 refers to a line of parts made by the BMW Motorrad Spezial customization department,” according to In addition to special-milled parts, the Option 719 gives riders brand new BMW motorcycle colors.

BMW R nineT Inventory Available in New Colors

All models of the BMW R nineT except for the Urban GS will have one more new paint schemes. The standard BMW R nineT is available in a bright, Mars red metallic paint with a Cosmic blue fuel tank, front mudguard and hump seat.

The BMW R nineT Pure, Scrambler and Racer are available in Black Storm metallic paint with an Aurum fuel tank, lamp bowl and mudguard. The Pure and Scrambler models also come in Black Storm paint with a light white mudguard, lamp bowl and fuel tank.

In addition to these new paint colors, select BMW R nineT models now have a dynamic brake light as a standard feature.

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