Check Out the 2019 BMW S 1000 RR’s Hollow-Bored Titanium Valves

2019 BMW 1000 RR

If you’ve owned an older BMW S 1000 RR, then you know how hard those valves worked. When running at 14,200 RPM, each valve opened and closed 118 times a second. That’s why there were some new BMW performance improvements made for the 2019 model year. The 2019 BMW S 1000 RR engine now features hollow-bored titanium valves. You’ve got to see what BMW engineers have done to improve the BMW 1000 RR for sale at a Southern California BMW Motorcycle Dealer near you.

Increasing BMW Motorcycle Performance

These lightweight valves further enhance BMW motorcycle performance because they are 40% lighter than the steel valves. Hollow-boring them only reduces their mass more and allows for higher acceleration. In fact, the engineers were able to raise the rev limit another 400 RPM.

Aside from the valves themselves, they also needed to consider the disc which retains the bike’s valve spring. You see, the valve features a machined groove which holds the disc. When acceleration increases, the wedges on the valve force through the disc. This can lead to valve failure. With the new valve production, BMW had to change the entire production process to construct the updated system.

With a standard valve, you would have two parts: the base and the stem. These then become friction-welded together and create your valve. For the newer design, BMW hollowed the stem before joining them together. While the size remained the same, the engineers removed 2mm from the center. That’s what leads to the increased performance you need to experience when you visit a BMW motorcycle dealer near you in Southern California.

You’ve Never Felt Power Like This

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