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3ASY rIDE. Product overview.


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  • Retail balloon financing product.
  • Provides another financing option for customers.
  • Affordable payments that feel like a lease but provide ownership.
  • Shorter term than retail loans.
  • Customer assumes balloon risk, however that risk is no more than the value of the motorcycle in a traditional longer term loan.

3asy ride. How does it work.

  • A balloon is a lump-sum payoff amount due at the maturity of the contract:
  • a 36 month contract has 35 regular monthly payments, and when the 36th payment is due, the balloon payment is also due.
  • Customer has three options at the end of their term:
  • Trade in for a new motorcycle.
  • Refinance the balloon.*
  • Payoff the balloon.

*where applicable, certain restrictions may apply


3asy ride. Customer benefits.

  • Affordable payments – improved cash flow.
  • Shorter term – ability to trade more often.
  • Ownership benefits – titled in customer name.
  • No prepayment penalty.
  • No mileage restriction.
  • No excess wear and use charges.
  • No acquisition or disposition fee.
  • Save your cash and add GAP to provide sense of comfort

3asy ride. dealer benefits.

  • Lower monthly payment – overcome price objection.
  • Shorter ownership cycle – ability to sell more motorcycles to same customer.
  • Higher Customer Retention – 2.5 times higher than traditional loan.
  • Balloons conservatively set, allows you to confidently take it on trade.
  • Good source of used inventory.
  • Potential for F&I sales.

3ASY rIDE. who might be a good fit.

  • Payment-conscious.
  • Looking to upgrade to a new BMW, but think it may be out of reach.
  • Trading frequently.
  • Expecting a future increase in available cash, but want ownership now.
  • Cash buyers.
  • Want to break the negative equity and/or trade-negotiating cycle.

***TMSi training course, “MS081 3asy Ride” for additional training.

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