2018 BMW Motorrad USA – Motorrad Appreciation Program

Effective: January 8th – December 31st 2018


BMW Motorrad USA is pleased to announce the consolidation of a number of individual programs into one that recognizes a number of special customer groups that we are offering special allowances to based on their purchase of a new BMW Motorcycle in 2018. This continues the BMW Motorrad USA commitment to our dealers to improve efficiencies, reduce complexity and provide relief in the area of administrative processes. Please carefully review Centernet for additional details on program eligibility, claims processing and required documentation for all programs.

Only new, untitled BMW Motorcycles qualify for the following support and a customer can only qualify once for this offer during calendar year 2018.


Purchase allowance is the same for any identified customer group


BMW Model Series Incentive Amount
K–Series / S-Series $750
F-Series / R–Series $500
C–Series / G-Series $250